Don't Fall in the Shower

The latest trend in bathroom remodeling is larger format tile and the replacement of traditional bathtub/shower combos with curbless showers.

A curb is very similar to what you see in the street. It separates the street from the sidewalk, so a curbless shower simply means there are no obstructions between the bathroom floor and the shower. No Curb.

Curbs are often able to be minimized and/or eliminated providing a walk-in shower that will minimize falling and tripping.

Another great tip for minimizing falls in the shower is to use a small format tile on the floors. Smaller format tiles on the floor of your shower give your feet more grip as there are more grout lines. It is true, that some tiles have a better slip resistance than others (for example a polished procelain tile will be more slippery than a rough ceramic tile); but when tile is wet, it is slick. Good tile selection as well as having the grout lines to provide some additional grip will keep you safer in the shower.

This shower has the best of both worlds with large-format porcelain tile on the walls and small, random flat-cut river rock on the floor.

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