Choosing a floor for a family home

Let's take a look at which floor is best for the family home!

Have small children?

You will want to consider a floor that will hold up to toy trucks that go inside and outside and spills. Therefore, you will need a floor that is durable. Another consideration is budget for a growing family. Fortunately, finding the balance between price and practicality is not as difficult as you might think.

You have certainly heard of laminate flooring. Nowadays, the look of laminate is very similar to solid wood. Laminates are an engineered wood of sorts. There are basically four layers to a laminate floor: the bottom called the “backing” which acts as a barrier against any moisture coming from the subfloor. The next layer is the “core” which gives stability to the floor. The core of the wood is MDF or HDF or even a waterproof engineered product, next comes an image that looks like real wood and finally the wear layer that can be imprinted to have similar textures to real wood and protects the underlying layers. Laminates are extremely durable to scratching. Much more tolerant than a solid or traditional real wood.

The latest addition to the laminate product line is water resistance making the spills even less of an issue for a family home. This is another reason why we think laminate is the prefect floor for kids, since it doesn’t absorb any spills. Because of this water resistance, cleaning is also made that bit easier. A simple sweep and vacuum is enough to keep it clean but for that added extra cleanliness, a warm damp mop will bring back that brand new look. As with any wood floor, laminates are non-porous. This means that dust and or allergens aren’t collected as with a carpet. This means your kids can freely play on the floor without worry of them catching anything nasty.

As you can see, the cheaper price of laminate doesn’t mean you’re skipping out on quality. The same goes for aesthetics as laminate flooring is available in amazing designs that imitate timbers such as oak, walnut or acacia. You will also find laminate in lots of different shades, so be assured that laminate will not limit you when decorating your home to your tastes.

So there you have it, all the reasons we think laminate might be the floor you were looking for. If you would like further information on our laminate floors you can find it at the showroom today!

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