Choosing the Right Floor for your Project

Choosing the right flooring for you home involves research. Each floor covering is unique with different benefits and drawbacks to consider. There is no such thing as a PERFECT floor.

First, consider your room. A master bathroom and a master bedroom have very different uses, so why not different flooring? There are no rules that you must have the same flooring throughout your space. Considering the function of your room will help you better refine the overall look of it.

What about your lifestyle... Are you a homebody or always on the go? Empty Nester or first time parent of triplets? The flooring you choose should fit the way your life works. Also consider how much time you want to spend cleaning your space!

Cha Ching... then there's the budget! Unless you just won the Publisher's Clearing House $5000/week for the life giveaway, money IS an object. The good news? Carpet comes in good, better and best categories. Hard surfaces do too. You might still be able to have the look of hardwood in an engineered style as it is more affordable than a solid hardwood and both look the same from the top (in fact, engineered hardwood is often a better option depending upon what climate range you live in!)

Finally, prioritize your purchase.. Is comfort more important than the amount of time it might take to maintain your new floor? Perhaps durability is your number one. There's a floor out there that will fit within your priorities, you just need to find knowledgeable staff to help you get the best bang for your buck and your project.

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